In “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky, he said one of the action steps to moving an idea forward is to Stop/Start/Continue. His thought process was what do you need to stop doing because it is not moving you towards seeing your idea happen, what do you need to start doing that will move you closer to seeing your idea happen and what do you need to continue doing because it is moving you towards your idea happening. Here is my question for us: what do we need to start/stop/continue when it comes to what matters most in our life?


4 thoughts on “Stop/Start/Continue

  1. I need to STOP everything else in my life!
    I need to START making lifesize posters of Steve Doss!
    I need to CONTINUE daydreaming of being in Steve Doss’ presence!

  2. Nice to see you blogging, Steve. Welcome ; ) This post is a good reminder to turn unconsciously bad habits into consciously good ones. Stop: Wake up from the coma! New results demand new activity.

    Keep your nose in the Word!


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