Stop/Start/Continue – Family


Stop – Choosing my stuff (internet,sports,work) over time with my wife/Being insensitive to her needs

Start – Taking time to listen to her talk about her life (day, struggles, fears, joys)/Pray with her more than just over a meal

Continue – Praying for my wife/Reading books that will help me be a better husband


Stop – Raising my voice/Being to serious about life

Start – Being more patient/Having more fun with them

Continue – Praying over them/Investing in their spiritual formation

What is it for you when it comes to marriage and parenting?


2 thoughts on “Stop/Start/Continue – Family

  1. Stop – Picking on me.
    Start – Picking on someone else.
    Continue – To leave me alone… 🙂

    Sereiously, good stuff, Bro. Thanks for the reminding me to watch out for how selfish I can be and for the prompting to pray with my wife more.

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