Why Sunday’s can be hard for me

One of the toughest days for me to remember what matters most is Sunday. As a Pastor, sometimes I can begin to think more about what people think about my talks, how well my classes went and how many we had at class. Sunday’s become a battlefield of the mind for me, a day that I have to fight to keep what matters most (Jesus/Family/Ministry) at the front of my mind and not allow Satan to have an inch.

What days are hard for you to remember what matters most? How do you deal with it?


One thought on “Why Sunday’s can be hard for me

  1. Sunday’s are also difficult for me. I can easily get caught up in the homework waiting for me back at school and I struggle to focus on fellowship or the sermon. Other days i feel disconnected and wonder what is wrong with my “church social skills”.

    Reading these posts makes me miss youth group (not specifically this one, just in general). Thanks for being a faithful long-term youth pastor who has rock solid focus and commitment to Christ. Thanks for being an example to me.

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