Ministry = Relationship

Fill in the blank:

Moses and . . .

Elijah and . . .

Jesus and His . . .

Paul and . . .

Ministry is about developing relationships with the ones you serve. There is nothing greater that you can do with your life than invest in a certain person. Jesus was our greatest example. He taught and healed the crowds, spent time with the twelve but invested in Peter, James and John. You can be a great theologian, teacher or door greeter but if you are not investing your life in someone I think you have missed the point of ministry.

Who would your blank be?

Your name and . . .

2 thoughts on “Ministry = Relationship

    1. Hey Sawyer. I think of Josh Schouten when I think of someone who you invested your life in. Thanks for making difference in High school in Josh’s life. BTW, got your wedding invitation!!!! 🙂

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