Blind Spots in Family-Minded Homes

“My child would never do . . . He was raised better than that.”

This statement coud not be farther from the truth. Yet as a parent I really believe it to be true which reveals the blind spots that I have in my parenting.

Josh Harris reposted this great article on blinds spots that we can have in our parenting.

The seven blind spots are . . .

1. Having Self-Centered Dreams

2. Raising Family as an Idol

3. Emphasizing Outward Form

4. Tending to Judge

5. Depending on Formulas

6. Over-Dependence on Authority and Control.

7. Over-Reliance Upon Sheltering

8. Not Passing On a Pure Faith

9. Not Cultivating a Loving Relationship With Our Children

Read full article here.

Which one is your blind spot?


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