Catalyst Session with Andy Stanley

How did the disciples become disciples?

Luke 5:27,28

Jesus selected them.

Defining Terms:

  • Apprenticing: selecting, modeling, and coaching for the purpose of replacing yourself.
  • The New Testament Term: Disciple
Jesus Approach:
  1. He began with succession in mind.
  2. He handpicked those to whom he would entrust his mission. He didn’t ask for volunteers.
  3. He rarely did ministry alone
  4. But . . . He gave his disciples opportunities to do ministry alone while he was still around to debrief. – Luke 9:1-6,10
But Removal
A. “But I’m not an expert!”
  1. You will never feel like you are adequately prepared to apprentice another leader.
  2. You are not responsible for: Knowing everything there is to know about your field or knowing more than everyone else about your field.
  3. You are responsible for passing along what you know to somebody else.
  4. Your responsibility is to empty your cup!
B. “But what will I do?”
  1. In a healthy organization, if you replace yourself, you will always have a place.
  2. In an unhealthy organization . . .
Two outcomes:
  1. You become a multi-site leader.
  2. You become a multi-generational leader.
  1. Hire for the future.
  2. Don’t work alone.
  3. Remember your MEDs.
Model – Here’s what I do.
Explain – Here’s why I do it.
Demonstrate – Here’s how I do it.
Your assignment: Replace Yourself!
Success is not mearsured by how capable you are of handling your responsibilities.
Success is ultimately measured by whether or not you leave responsibilities in capable hands.

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