What is tormenting you?

On Sunday our Pastor began taking our church through the book of Mark. As I was reading through chapter one, I was struck by the two mentions of demons (Mark 1:23-26 and 1:34).

My observations from these verses are . . .

1. The demons know who Jesus is. 24

2. They fear Him. 24

3. Jesus has power over them. 26/34

Now . . .

most of us don’t struggle with demon possession but we do have things from our past or present that are tormenting us like demons – decisions we have made, paths we went down, words we wish we could take back.

Know this about the things that are tormenting you . . .

1. Know who Jesus is – The Redeemer/The Healer/The Restorer.

2. Know the Gospel – Because of the Gospel the things tormenting you can only have as much control in your life as you allow them.

3. Know His Power – Jesus has power to release the grip of the present or past through His death/burial/resurrection.

Remember these words: “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” – I John 4:4

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