Sonic Happy Hour and My Parents

My parents and oldest brother LOVE sonic happy hour. I am pretty sure it is the closest thing to an addiction in their life so when I read Jon Acuff’s funny take on, as he calls it, “The Christian Happy Hour”; it reminded me of them and made me laugh so I thought I would pass it along to you . . .

Here is my favorite part:

I don’t know what shape that ice technically is. Balls? Diamonds? BB’s? What the industry term is I know not. I call it, “Frozen heaven.”

So round, so perfect, so readily available from someone wearing roller-skates.

It’s your ice that made me like you, but it’s your happy hour that made me love you. Half price drinks from 2-4? What a gift! What a beverage blessing. What a delightful two-hour window of liquid enjoyment. I drive up and order like a boss. Drink upon drink upon drink. And my bill? $2.98.

Read all of it here.

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