Happy Anniversary to my Parents


On January 20, 1968, two kids fresh out high school tied the knot in Greensburg, MO (current population 427 people) to begin a journey that only God could orchestrate.

  • Meeting Christ in their early 20’s in Topeka, KS
  • Dad – Working for the railroad for 42 years
  • Mom – Teaching Kindergardeners for 36 years and still counting (I know. She is crazy!)
  • Surviving 3 boys who are all serving Christ in Full-Time Ministry
  • Wonderful grandparents to their 7 grandkids
  • Serving faithfully in their local church wherever God placed them
  • Thousands of lives affected by their ministries
  • Missionaries supported by their giving

ONLY GOD could take my parents from a small town in Missouri and do what He has done through their lives.

They are a living example of What Matters Most!!!

I love you, Dad and Mom. Happy Anniversary!



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