Challenge to men this month (Feb)

In case you did not know, Valentine’s Day is approaching. If you are man this means you must kick your “player” skills into high gear – Jewelry/Chocolate/Jewelry/Dinner Out/Jewelry!

But here is a challenge I have for us as men for the month of February. Rather than just amping it up for the day, how about we take the month of February and improve as husbands by . . .

Reading a book on how to love our wives better. 

Will you join me for this challenge? If you take the challenge let me know so we can hold each other accountable!

Here is the book I am going to read: The Exemplary Husband – Stuart Scott

Other suggestions:

Great Parents; Lousy Lovers – Gary Smalley

The Complete Husband – Lou Priolo

Sex, Romance and the Glory of God – CJ Mahaney 

3 thoughts on “Challenge to men this month (Feb)

  1. You should post some of what you are learning from the book. I will be checking back in for more….

    1. Great idea. I will do it. I could make it Marriage Monday’s and share what God is teaching me through the book. You should share some stuff too. Would love to hear what God is teaching you.

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