Marriage Monday – Goal of marriage

After my post last week about challenging men to grow in their marriage in the month of February, one of my readers (Sawyer) challenged me to post about what God is teaching me through my reading. So on Monday’s in February I will focus on the things I am learning from the reading of “The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott“.

“To be an exemplary husband you must first be in a right relationship with God . . . Becoming the exemplary husband will be a growing process. In the end we want to look like Christ.” (10/11)

This is the goal of marriage – Christ. If we pursue being a good husband for any other purpose outside of Christ, it becomes a set up for frustration with your spouse and failure in your marriage.

Lesson Learned: Christ must be the goal of my life and marriage for me to be the husband God has called me to be.

One thought on “Marriage Monday – Goal of marriage

  1. Go Marriage Monday. I was thinking this last weekend about what I have been learning. In terms of communication: I can’t just assume that communication lines are open if I say “let me know if you ever want to talk about anything”. Instead I need to pursue her with specific issues and open particular doors for us to talk about. I need to let her know that I am will to talk about even the difficult things.

    Thanks Steve!

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