Marriage Monday – Loving your wife

Stuart Scott’s section on the husband’s responsibility to lead and love his wife was very challenging to me especially the part about loving your wife . . .

Actively – How are you showing your wife love TODAY?

“It is important that he refrain from pointing backwards to isolated demonstrations of love as if they are frozen in time and sufficient for today.” (81)

According to knowledge – Are you growing in knowing your wife?

Ways to grow in knowledge of your wife . . .

  • Listen when she talks.
  • Observe the things she likes to do or talks about the most.
  • Visit good books on marriage.
  • Encourage her to share her feelings with you.

Sacrificially – Are you sacrificing your desires for your wife’s desires?

“He must put his wife before himself and serve her, even when it means a personal sacrifice on his part . . . We must be willing to lay our lives down for our wife daily.” (82)

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