Dirty Diapers and Ministry

What is wrong with him?

This thought is going through my mind as my one year old son is crying and will not be consoled. I go through the checklist in my mind:


In swoops Mom after being gone for a few hours, she asked me the list of questions to which I respond “Check”.

Mom goes one step further though and does the dreaded “pull the diaper back” check.

POOP in diaper for 2 hours = Burnt Bottom = Lots of crying!!!

Here is what I learned from it:

1. Life – You have to do more than the smell check! Sometimes you may have to pull the diaper back. GAG!!!

2. Ministry – When you see something is wrong with someone or may even sense it, do more than the smell check (aka: I will pray for them). Go the step further for their sake and ask them about it (Gal. 6:1,2). You may find something nasty but it may save them from more hurt/pain/regret.


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