Why “Church kids” get a bad rap . . .

Be honest! You already have a picture of a “church kid” in your mind. Either they are uber-spiritual or bored with church because they have heard it all before.

Why do “church kids” get this bad rap?

Many times it is because WE teach them how to do all the right stuff yet neglect to teach them the motivation behind the right stuff. When we make this tragic error, they begin to see themselves as good apart from Christ because they have done all the right stuff. They have prayed the prayer. They aren’t living the party scene. They are saving themselves for marriage. They serve in the church and even go on mission trips.

So they are good, right?

Paul Tripp nails it when he says, “The problem with our kids is often not un-righteousness but self-righteousness.” (Getting to the Heart of Parenting DVD series) Jesus puts it this way: they “honor me with their lips (self-righteous), but their heart is far from me.” (Mark 7:6)

Parents, Pastors and Youth Leaders – We must live and teach our youth that Jesus is the goal/motivation.

So what should a “church kids” rap be? We’ll explore this next week.

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