What a “church kid” should be (Part 2)

Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” – Mark 8:34

1. Humility – “deny himself”

2. Identity in Christ – “take up his cross”

To “take up his cross” is to take up the identity of Christ. When a person was carrying their cross in the first century they were taking the position of a condemn man on their way to die. To the person watching them carrying their cross it did not matter who they were or what they had done, they were identified by their cross. They lost their identity in the cross.

Same thing should be true in a church kids life, they should lose their identity in the Cross of Jesus Christ. The temptation is to find their identity in their parents faith, what they do at church or the commitments they have made to Christ.

Yet Paul would challenge the church kid to be more concerned with identifying with Christ than being known for who they are or what they have accomplished. (Phil 3:4-11)

Ways to help them find their identity in Christ:

  • When talking about your faith don’t assume they are on the same page with you. Ask them what they think about it.
  • When celebrating their accomplishments, speak about how you love seeing Christ at work in their lives through the great things they are accomplishing.
  • When challenging them in their walk with Christ, remind them “the fruit of righteousness comes through Jesus Christ”. (Phil. 1:11)

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