Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

Do you feel like being “normal” is overrated?

Are you frustrated by the “normal” life you live?

For the next five Mondays I am going to be giving my observations/takeaways from a book by Craig Groeschel called, “Weird: Because normal isn’t working.”

The purpose for this book is “to challenge you to jump off the normal path onto one that may seem a little weird . . .. because the way normal people live today is miles away from what God intended.” (20)

He breaks the book into 5 parts: Time/Money/Relationships/Sex/Values. Each Monday I will talk about one part of the book.

Craig is one of my favorite writers to read. He helps me process theology to practical levels. In this book, he shares the good, the bad and the ugly about his life. At one moment you are saying, “There is no way he did that” and the next moment laughing your head off because of what just happened to him.

If you are interested in reading along with me, you can buy or download the book here. It will be well worth your time.

By the end of this read, I pray we will being living more intentional for what matters most.


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