4 things Macy has taught me about life.

Today we are celebrating Macy’s 4th Birthday! As I have been looking back over her four years of life, there are four things she has taught me about life . . .

1. Smile all the time. – Macy’s smile is the sweetest smile I have ever seen (She takes after her mother!). It is not to often that you can catch Macy without a smile on her face (unless she is being picked on by her brothers!).

2. Love life. – Macy loves life. From the moment she wakes up till the time she falls asleep at night, she is full of energy and joy.

3. Be Helpful. – Macy loves to help! (Helping Grandma make homemade rolls.)

4. Ask lots of questions. – Macy loves the word “WHY?”. Although it can be quite annoying, I pray she will always ask questions and some day find Jesus to be the answer to them all!

Happy Birthday, Macy! Your Daddy loves you very much.

One thought on “4 things Macy has taught me about life.

  1. Happy Birthday Macy! We love having you in our Sunday School Class, you have a really sweet smile, and you’re a really good friend to all of the other little girls. We’ll see you on Sunday. Love, Mr. and Mrs. Allen

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