Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working – Relationships

My Monday (on Tuesday) review of Craig Groeschel’s book, “Weird: Because normal isn’t working.”

In my opinion section three of his book is the best section of the book (By the way, the ebook version of this book is $2.99 on Amazon. Buy it here.). It is focused on relationships with emphasis on marriage, parenting and people pleasing. Here are some takeaways I got from this section:


“If you want your marriage to be better than normal, you must concentrate, communicate, and collaborate.” (110)

“To have a wonderfully different marriage, we’ve got to close the gap between intentions and actions.” (113)

“I’ve counseled men . . . to add one word to their expression of love: BECAUSE.” (113)


“Instead of trying to lead our children to be like those around them, we should lead them to be like Christ.” (121)

“Our greatest priority as Christian parents is to gradually transfer our children’s dependence away from us until it rests solely on God.” (125)

People Pleasing:

Funniest story in the book is on pages 133 to 136. I laugh everytime I read it!

“People pleasing is more of a spiritual problem than a relational problem.” (137)

“The fear of God is the only cure for the fear of people.” (138)

Other sections:

Section 1 review – Time

Section 2 review – Money


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