Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working – Sex

My Monday (on Tuesday) review of Craig Groeschel’s book, “Weird: Because normal isn’t working.”

By simply putting the word, SEX, in a section of his book, Craig brought the number of readers to a new high (just like it will for my blog). In this section he focuses on three areas in regards to sex – marriage, pornography and parenting. In marriage, he focuses on taking steps to avoid adultery. In pornagraphy, he challenges us to set up moral margin in our lives. In parenting, he pushes parents to be on the front lines of telling their kids about sex.

Food for thought from this section:

“Great marriages never happen by accident. They always happen on purpose.” (155)

“The reason people fall into any sexual sin is because they get too close to the opportunity.” (163)

“Truths you can share with your kids to combat the lies and answer their whys:

1. We’re made to stick.

2. Sex is a huge deal.

3. Everything counts.

4. Experimentation is always dangerous.

5. You weren’t born for porn.

6. Modesty is cooler than being hot.” (182-184)


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