Some reflections on leading your family well

Three things to remember when life gets busy with ministry or business by Dustin Neeley

1. The church (business) can get another pastor (leader), but your kids can’t get another dad.

We only get one shot to raise our children. I talk to fathers all the time who lament being absent during their children’s formative years because of working too much. . . May we never forget: The first flock you lead is not the one that gathers on Sunday, but the one that lives at your house.

2. The church (business) can get another pastor (leader), but your wife has only one husband—and she needs a good one.

Our wives often take the brunt of the beating of our ministries: they hold us together, they hear us grumble, and they hear others complain about us. Take it from someone who has greatly failed before in this area: do as much as you can to set clear boundaries between the church and home.

3. A day off is not just a good idea—it is essential.

Read full article here.


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