A seat at our breakfast table . . .

This morning the kids and I had a few minutes at the breakfast table, so I shared some things with them about Father’s Day. Here they are . . .

1. Your Mom is the BOMB! I know this is a day to celebrate your Dad but without Mom, Dad is a disaster (and you don’t exist!).

2. Your Dad feels like a failure most days. I am doing my best to raise you in the ways of God but I feel the weight of being your Dad every day. These feelings of failure are good though, because they push me into Christ. The older you get the more and more I need Jesus to be the Dad God has called me to be.

3. Your heavenly Father is the most important Father you could ever have. I will fail you, but He will always come through for you. I will disappoint you, but He will never let you down.

I pray my kids will remember these things all the days of their lives.


3 thoughts on “A seat at our breakfast table . . .

  1. Steve, thanks for humbly pointing to others for your success. Without God’s example, we wouldn’t be all that we could be in Him. Without our brides, nothing gets done, or at least not much correctly. Wild at Heart says rightly that our biggest fear is being found a phony and failure. But we fix our eyes on Him and our effectiveness will be measured by faithfulness and not raw results and facts. Great job!

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