Guest Blog Post: Our Mission in Peru According to Psalm 98 by Mark Wopata

Our God does not delight in a silent congregation or in a people that fail to proclaim His marvelous works. God calls His people to sing His praises and declare His salvation to all the nations of the earth. While in Peru, we are taking part in proclaiming the joyous news of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to the ends of the earth. The Peruvian people’s only hope for salvation from God’s coming judgment is in the One who is coming to judge – Jesus Christ. Only His salvation will cause the nations to rejoice with the seas and rivers and hills. The gospel replaces fear of the Lord’s imminent judgment with a yearning for the day when ALL the earth sings the praises due His name.

 Our mission in Peru: Joyfully proclaim God’s salvation to the nations as we actively wait for His return.

(Mark is interning with me this summer and we are heading to Peru on a mission trip in the morning.)


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