“What” vs “Who” – A different way to think ministry

In ministry we talk a lot in what terms . . .

– What are you doing with your adults: Small groups/Support Groups/Community Groups?

– What curriculum do you use for your children’s ministry?

– What camp do you take your teenagers to?

– What outreach events does your church do?

All these questions are good but I think a different way to think about ministry is not by answering the “what” question, but the “who” question. I once heard Jim Collins, a leadership guru, say, “Leadership is not about what, but who.”

Getting the “who” question answered will lead to the right “what” questions and answers.

When Jesus said, “Go, make disciples . . .” (Matthew 28:19), He was getting His disciples to think . . .

– Who are you going to lead to follow me?

– Who are you going to invest your life in?

– Who are you going to teach to observe all my ways?

As we prepare for Sunday and the week ahead may we think in “who” terms and watch God answer the “what” questions.




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