Is God disappointed in me for my excitement for a sports team?


Sometimes I feel guilty when I am watching a sporting event, aka KU basketball, and start jumping around the house screaming like a little kid after a clutch shot or a great defensive play.


Because I wonder if God is disappointed in me because I don’t typically do the same thing for Him.

Today I read a blog entitled, Should we cheer for God?, and it really helped me process this guilty feeling I was having about getting excited for my favorite sports team.

This particular point brought the most clarity to me:

Does a groom pump his fist and jump around when his bride first appears at the back of the church? Does a first time father let out a primal yell when he is handed his minutes-old baby? When my wife comes around the corner and I’m struck again by how beautiful she is do I applaud and whoop my appreciation? No, the deepest emotions, the strongest joys are not released in the loudest ways. They render us speechless, tearful, grinning uncontrollably, weak-kneed, overwhelmed – and often all of these at once. It is only the shallower feelings that are easily expressed with exuberance and volume.

It is unfair to demand that people treat God the way we do our favorite team. Unfair to God, that is. He is too great for applause and cheering to adequately express the love and joy he births in us. He is bigger than our fandom and exuberance.


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