A life-changing perspective


” . . . for God sent me before you to preserve life” – Gen. 45:5

” . . . God has made me lord of all Egypt.” – Gen. 45:9

Can you imagine having this kind of perspective having been thrown into a pit to die, sold into slavery, lied about and forgotten?

Yet this was Joseph’s perspective on his Egyptian experience. What seemed to be a roller coaster of tragedy/triumph/tragedy/triumph for Joseph was actually a God-ordained plan and the preservation of God’s eternal plan for the salvation of all people.

Today we can move forward in confidence knowing “God has sent me” to where I am today no matter how difficult and “He has made me” for what place I find myself in whether good or bad.

This perspective of life totally changes the way we approach everything that comes in our lives from our tragedies to our triumphs.

By God’s grace may we live with this life-changing perspective – “God sent me” and “God has made me”.

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