The Greatest Gift on Mother’s Day


There is a lot of things my wife has given or does give to our kids . . .

Yummy Meals – Clean Clothes – Long Hours – Sleepless Nights – Van Rides – Endless Songs before Bed – Unconditional Love – Hard Work – Sincere Prayers – Fun Days – Sacrificial Giving – Contagious Laugh

BUT the most important gift my wife gives to our kids is a genuine love for Jesus. When they look at their Mom, they see a woman who loves and walks with Jesus. She seeks, talks, cries, listens, doubts, struggles and submits to the love of her life, Jesus. There is no greater gift my wife could give to our children.

So to my wife I say, “It is an honor to take second place in your life so our kids can clearly see Who is to be first place in their life! I love you! Happy Mother’s Day!”

Photo taken by Julian Photography

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