Some things I have learned about raising boys . . .


Today we celebrate my oldest boys ninth birthday! Birthdays cause me to reflect on the past, present and future especially of the ones we are celebrating. So I thought I would share a few things I have learned from the past, present and will continue to learn as I raise my boys . . .

1. More is caught than taught. Boys are watching your life as much as listening to your words.

2. Boys need TIME! They need one-on-one time with Dad. They need to be heard, understood and loved.

3. They repeat what is rewarded. Boys will do what they are rewarded for so we need to make sure we are rewarding the right things like loving/following Jesus.

4. Boys need other men to invest in their life. Grandpas, Pastors, Friends, Teachers, Coaches – They all play a part in raising boys to become godly young men.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a Dad of boys. My prayer is for us to never stop learning how to be better Dads to our boys.

What things are you learning as you raise your boys?


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