August 8, 1993


August 8, 1993

On this day 20 years ago I was blinded by my own goodness and righteousness. I thought I was good enough to get to heaven because I had prayed a prayer (3 or 4 times), been baptized (3 or 4 times) and tried to do what was right (most of the time).

But thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift (2 Corinthians 9:15) . . .

God stepped in and rescued me from myself (Romans 10:13). He pulled me out of the hell of my own making and gave me heaven (John 3:16). Reaching through the dirty rags of my self-righteousness he washed me whiter than snow with His righteousness (Isaiah 1:18). Taking my punishment, which was rightfully mine; he absorbed it through His only Son, Jesus (Romans 3:25). I was dead in my sin but God made me alive in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:1-10)

So today I celebrate this simple yet unbelievable gift God gave to me – SALVATION! What a gift to be able to say, “I was saved on August 8, 1993.” Man, God is good!


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