How to pray for your pastor


One of the most helpful ways to love on your pastor is to pray for them. You must understand they do not fight a physical warfare but a spiritual battle and your pastor is on the front lines. Satan desires nothing more than to pierce your pastor with a blow that will disqualify him from being a leader in the battle. So you must pick up the weapon of prayer and fight on behalf of your pastor.

What you can pray for your pastor about:

1. Passion for Jesus and His Word. – There is nothing the enemy likes to do to more than cause complacency in their hearts towards their commander and chief, KING JESUS, and His commands to them. A pastor can become mechanical in their relationship with Jesus so pray for Jesus to keep Him and His word at the center of their heart. (Ps. 19:10/Matt 6:33)

2. Purity through Jesus. – They are called to live set apart lives in I Timothy 3:1-7. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be active in guarding their hearts and minds in purity.

3. Presence of Jesus. – In the spiritual battle they can often forget “Who” is with them. They start “doing” ministry in their own strength. Pray for your pastor to remember Jesus final words, “I am with you always.” (Matt 28:20) and “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John15:5)

4. Protection from the evil one. – Jesus prayed this for His disciples in John 17:15 who were getting ready to experience the greatest battles of their lives so we should pray it for our pastor as well.

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