The Hug – Psalm 63:8


Being a Dad of younger kids is one of life’s greatest gifts. One of the many things to love about it is their hugs! Whether you are just waking up in the morning, coming home from work or have been gone on a long trip; there is nothing like a full-on, squeeze-as-tight-as-you-can hug. But the older the kids get, the hug takes on a whole different story. You have to almost pry a hug out of them and when they do hug you, it is the lean-in, awkward side hug.

When it comes to our relationship with Christ, the psalmist says our souls should look like a full-on, squeeze-as-tight-as-you-can hug, not a lean-in, awkward side hug.

The Psalmist put is this way: “My soul clings to you . . .” (63:8)

So go for it today! Allow your soul to give Christ a full-on, squeeze-as-tight-as-you-can hug. Trust me it will be good for your soul!

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