Is Jesus enough?


Getting ready to speak to a group of teenagers, my heart was challenged by this question – Is Jesus enough?

You see, when I speak I desire to see life change and so I wait till after the message to see if it was any good or, to be honest, if Jesus is enough. If people are moved and I get a lot of good feedback then Jesus is good and enough but if not then I start questioning everything. So God challenged me with the thought, “Is Jesus more than enough no matter the outcome of the message?”

This opened the door to a deeper-heart check questions for me and I hope for you to:

Is Jesus enough if I don’t get that job?

Is Jesus enough if they never change?

Is Jesus enough if I never get acknowledged?

Is Jesus enough if my church or business never grows?

Is Jesus enough if . . . (You fill in the blank.)?

Struggling through this question revealed some idols in my own life and I pray it will for you. May God give us the heart of Psalm 73:25 – “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.


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